VIP Styling

What's a VIP Styling?

We take pride in delivering a tailor-made service, based on the individual needs and requirements of each and every customer. We practice lifestyle dispensing, this means we take the time to listen to you and understand your day to day life before making any recommendations. What’s more, as we are independent, we are free to work with brands of our own choosing, so you can count on us having frames that are unique to our optical!

Our VIP appointments are typically 30-45 minutes. During this time we will pour you a cup of coffee, and get to know you. We want your glasses to be perfect, and this takes time. After your order is placed, it can take anywhere from next day to 3 weeks for your order to be ready. Need something now? Just ask, we often have the ability to provide a loaner to use while we fulfill your order.

Looking for something and can’t find it anywhere? Let our opticians know and we can look for you!

Things to bring to a styling appointment:

  • All of the eyeglasses you currently wear
  • If you need a friend’s advice, bring them with!
  • An open mind